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A story of my husband's experience against GLIOBLASTOMA MULTIFORM. 

April 2018, the diagnosis: but the symptoms came long before, my husband was not himself, I couldn't pinpoint anything in particular, his behavior was just different. He slept differently, deep sleep and snoring and laughing things off, inappropriately. In September of 2018, the symptoms 


Oncologist Visit

I remember when we arrived to the office consultation; This oncologist came highly recommended, there were 2 nurses present, the oncologist and a radiation oncologist. They asked us to be seated, then the conversation begin, 

Our Journey:

Left To Die: Hospice


What We Did and Still Doing

Other Studies: Fungus Mimicking Glioblastoma

Have Your Physicians check for fungal invasions before cutting into the skull

England the site of Increased incidents of Glioblastoma, Why?

Minnesota with Increase incidents of Glioblastoma, Why?

The common Denominator, Glioblastoma?

Senator McCain, Bo Biden, A Friend, and My husband. What do they all have in common. All of them went to the Persian Gulf


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