Creating An Awareness

We were told Glioblastoma (GBM) is a rare form of brain cancer, that couldn't be further from the truth. I consider a diagnosis of Leprosy rare, but not GBM. The number of people contracting it are steadily increasing. The numbers don't lie, hopefully you have taken a look at the research papers above, if not click on the link (Make An Informed Decision)-here you will find a list of research papers and options that we have searched. If you or a love one is going through this, my heart goes out to you. The purpose of this site is to bring all the information we have found in one area.



My husband is currently battling this monster. April 2018, he was diagnosed, but had symptoms as early as August 2017. Two weeks prior to the ER visit, I took him to an Urgent Care, the labs were within normal limits except for increase neutrophils. Fast forward, he became extremely lethargic and forgetful, something just wasn't right, so I decided to go to an off site ER that way I could at least have them do a CT to check inside his head, only to have the ER doctor to dismiss the symptoms that were so evident. Since that didn't work, I contacted his primary care doctor to schedule an appointment so that he could evaluate him and schedule a MRI.

We never made it to the doctor's office. Three days prior to the appointment, we went to the park, ate lunch in the car, to then take a walk in the park afterwards. He gets out of the car and I noticed after a few steps he was wobbling. I ran to the other side of the car trying to hold up a 189 pound man, as best as I could I got him back in the car, but before he got in he became incontinent. That's when I just drove straight to a nearby hospital ER and insisted for them to do an MRI. I informed the doctor of his symptoms and previous attempts to get help, he assured me he would do the test. First a CT, I knew something was wrong when the transporter came to take him to radiology for a MRI. Why, if nothing showed on the CT, why would they order a MRI. I remember how numb I felt after the doctor confirmed a Mass measuring 8cm. I became numb and to this day, I still feel like this is not happening. He was admitted, the neurosurgeon came in early that morning to allow us to see the tumor on the monitor and said he couldn't believe he could be functioning and that surgery needed to be done now.

Our Story: A Message of Hope