Culinary colors meal planning course

How It Works:

Culinary Colors is a 7 week, 7-Step Meal Plan Course

Step1: Register and Submit Payment

What You Get: Access to Online Course

                 7 weeks of meal planning

Week One- Create Weekly Meal Plan/Shopping List

Week Two- Create Weekly Meal Plan/Shopping List

Week Three-Create Weekly Meal Plan/Shopping List

Week Four-Create Weekly Meal Plan/Shopping List

Week Five-Create Weekly Meal Plan/Shopping List

Week Six-Create Weekly Meal Plan/Shopping List

Week Seven-Create Weekly Meal Plan/Shopping List

Daily Caloric Values will be completed by students

Access to over 100 Recipes tailored to meal themes in this course.

Additional Assignments

Participants will journal each week. Post progress and challenges on class discussion board/Blog. Meet for Q&A with Dr. Delgadillo on weekly conference call. Course Material:

Goal Worksheets, Resist Worksheet Log,

Accountability Itinerary, Exercise Log/Resist Log and Culinary Colors Work Booklet  



Culinary Colors Meal Plan Program 

1. Complete Registration Form 

2. Make payment, then

3. Login/Sign Up       

You will then receive an email with a password to enter into the site course. When you advance to the

Meal Planning section you will need to create a login. End Quiz required: passing score 80% or better after which you will receive a certificate of completion.

Thanks you for registering to Custom Life Coaching's online health training course.


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