To pattern one of the world’s leading mobile, healthy lifestyle organizations by empowering staff and community members with the knowledge and experience to model health. We come to you and walk you through every step of the way.


MHL is a newly formed Non-Profit Organization under the leadership of 

Dr. Estrella Delgadillo, N.D.


Health Block Project

Health Block Project is a mobile unit program sponsored by Modeling Healthy Lifestyles {MHL) where team members reach community members by going into neighborhoods, block by block, to complete health screenings and to share educational materials. We also plan to demonstrate and instruct community members on how to model health. Meal Plans and Exercise Plans are provided.

Teen Obesity

Obesity is more prevalent today than ever. Many youth are presenting with adult onset sicknesses and disease. Knowing about health is not enough, we stress modeling health. Be ye hearers and doers of the health laws. MHL is motivated to decrease the number of youth with obesity in Texas. We are committed to strive for a decline in numbers by 2018, but we will need your financial support and gifts to help make this a possibility.

Youth Health

Youth Health is very important. I am very concerned with the increasing rates of lifestyles diseases currently showcased in our youth. An alarming increase in Diabetes, Hypertension, Fatty Liver Disease, Heart Disease and even Stroke is on the rise. Our goal is to teach youth how to model health by instructing them with healthy cooking, meal planning, activity planning, and giving them instructions on how to model healthier lifestyles. Help support this cause, we appreciate your giving!


We need volunteers to help with health screenings and other health presentations. You can make a difference in someone else's life. Sign up today and receive updates on how you can volunteer. Thanks for considering our organization to serve!