Potato Poultice: Cost Effective Home Remedies

Let me share with you a few benefits of applying a potato poultice. A Potato Poultice is a great, cost effective home remedy that can help bring relief to individuals presenting with symptoms of chronic diseases, such as, Arthritis (Pain and Swelling of the Joints, ankles, knees, etc.), cardiovascular (heart) disease (extremity edema and/or pain), and other inflammatory conditions.

A potato poultice is a simple, topical application of a grated potato (without the peeling) covered in Saran or Cling wrap. Place the poultice over the affected area and secure it in place with an ace bandage wrap. Place a towel or absorbent pad underneath area to collect any excess drainage if necessary. Apply it before bedtime, keep it on overnight and remove it in the morning. Do not be alarmed if the potato turns black, this is normal. Wash and pat area dry. Repeat this for 3 nights on and 3 nights off until the swelling and/or pain is discontinued. If you do not see improvement within 3 days, contact your primary care physician. Pitting edema (PE) occurs when a swollen area is pressed on and a visual impression of those fingers lingers on the skin. Weight gain of 4 pounds or more weekly along with pitting edema should be reported to your primary care physician immediately. PE is an indication of fluid retention and should not be ignored.

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