Tired of Sleeping Upright? Benefits of Plant-Based Meals.

Eat Healthy & Live

Plant-Based foods (PBFs) consist of vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds, legumes, and grains. When eaten in their natural form, they provide the most nutrient-rich supply of vitamins and minerals. Research indicates that PBFs are beneficial to overall health and has confirmed that lifestyle diseases, such as, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and even cancer can be reversed.

My personal testimony is that eating a plant-based diet reversed gastric reflux and after 2 years of sleeping upright in a chair, I can finally lie down. Annoying symptoms like increase production of saliva and mucus, bloating, gasping for air in the middle of the knight, frequent belching, and esophageal gas is no longer present. There was so much gas in my stomach, at times, the ultrasound tech was unable to accurately measure. When I looked at the ultrasound monitor, it appeared foggy as if there were a multitude of clouds surrounding my organs. This is what prevented me from lying down., but praise God, for He delivered me and can deliver you too! If you are interesting in learning exactly how PBFs helped me, contact me and/or schedule a one-on-one consult today.

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