How to Get Your Labs Drawn Without A Doctor's Order

Monitoring Your Health Is Not A Crime

Have you ever had a moment when you didn't feel well, but couldn't get a doctor's appointment for weeks to come. So many people have been telling me about how they don't have enough money to go to the doctor's office. Deductibles are so high, who can afford to go? Advance your steps and be proactive about your health in a different way.

Request A Test is a company that offers consumers an opportunity to monitor their health and provide reasonable prices regardless of Insurance providers. This is heaven sent! I wish I had known about this earlier. For example, individuals diagnosed with conditions, such as, Diabetes, Atrial Fib, High Cholesterol, or Anemia, it gives you an opportunity to monitor blood levels in a safe, credible lab environment. This is how it works: go to or call 888-732-2348, order your lab/s and go to the nearest LabCorp or Quest Laboratory facility to get your labs drawn. You can even put your physician's information into the system so that he or she will be able to see your result. You will need to have your doctor's name, phone number, and address, etc, if he or she is not already in the system. You will have to pay upfront, but in some cases receive reimbursement by your insurance company (ask your INS representative). This posting is not intended for you to skip a visit to the doctor; it gives you an opportunity to share the results. By having labs drawn in advance, your physician can spend more time to focus on a treatment plan as oppose to awaiting results. Please share this treasure with others. Feel free to comment, your thoughts are valued here!

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Disclaimer: Information on this website is for educational purposes and should not be substituted for medical advise provided by your physician. Do not discontinue any medications because of information provided on this site. If you are experiencing any difficulties, seek medical attention immediately. Seek medical advise from your doctor before starting any home remedy.

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