Essential Oils: Cost Effective Home Remedies

Essential oils, what I like to term Nature's Super Oils, have been traced as far back as the biblical days and are derived from various natural sources, such as leaves, flowers, barks, stems, roots, resin, plant seeds or peelings of citrus fruits. The Bible confirms that there are multiple occurrences where essential oils played an important part in the healing efforts during this evangelistic era. The gifts of myrrh and frankincense offered at the birth of Jesus, along with hyssop, and the oil that Mary used to wash the feet of Jesus are just a few examples. These remarkable treasures are extracted in the following ways: steam distillation or cold pressing. The most concentrated formulas have been found to promote health benefits.

According to (Total Wellness) 2017, essential oils have been recognized as "powerful promoters of physical, mental, and emotional health." Apart from assessing root causes, health conditions that manifest as a result of interruptions of body systems can be addressed sufficiently with these oils. Essential oils have been linked to the relief of many of the following conditions: addictions, allergies, autoimmune disorders, detoxification, weight gain, women's health, cooking, and cleaning. The compatibility of similar carbon-base compounds between humans and plants make these positive outcomes possible. There are many oils to choose from, which are typically administered through three different routes. Application methods include aromatic (inhalation), topical (external), or internal (ingested).

When searching for quality essential oils, it is best to consider the source. Try to find oils that do not have added substances or preservatives and choose the oils that retain the most authentic, natural ingredients. To learn more about how essential oils can help relieve some of your health issues, schedule a one-on-one consultation or group workshop with Dr. Delgadillo. Discounts are available for group or bulk orders. Visit us at or contact us at We are planning a workshop in February 2018. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, let us know and share this post. I will be posting the date, time, and place based on secured seats.

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