Cute, But Carcinogenic: Read The Labels of Your Household Products

Apparently, Food Labels Aren't the Only Labels We Should Be Reading

It is no secret that we live in a toxic environment, so if you want to limit your toxic exposure, it is imperative that you read the labels of household products. I am very persistent about reading both food and household labels, but even I have missed a few labels or two. The problem is that the labels are hidden and are usually found on the back, bottom or underneath the top layer of an item, in places the average person would not look. Additionally, the print on some of the labels are so small and is not easily read. It wasn't until several weeks later, after purchasing some items that I noticed the warning labels, but by then it was too late to get a refund, so all I am left with is store credit, because I had already disposed of the receipt. The laws governing California require manufacturers to put labels on carcinogenic products. Unfortunately, Texas does not have laws to identify these items. I'm guessing store shipments originate from California so what they don't want, we (Texas) get.

I was so disappointed when I came out of the store today; Ross, I love that store, they have so many cute things, but not cute enough to buy if they are going to affect my health. A large percentage of the items in that store have carcinogenic labels. I went to the following stores: Ross, Fry's, and Walmart and what I found was startling. After reading several product labels, I couldn't believe my eyes, so many items were tagged with warnings. The most unexpected item was a set of pillow cases and a pair of sunglasses. Other items on the list included bookshelves, exercise floor mats, GPS devices, suitcases, eyeglasses, desk, storage containers, shelves, wall hangings, and a host of others.

This post is not about bashing certain stores, but merely to bring awareness so that people can make informed choices when buying these products. The stores listed above are not the only ones that carry carcinogenic labeled items and I am certain there are others. So many people are buying these products and they have no clue about the magnitude of exposure. I challenge you to look out for these labels; do not be silent. If you don't care, that is ok, but for those of you who do care, share this with everyone you know. Cancer is on the rise, so be smart, read and limit your exposure!

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