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Our unique exceptional online training enables everyday people to incorporate lifelong healthy lifestyle compliance. Our curriculum is supported by evidence-based practices that have been proven to optimize health. 

In this course, learn how to take charge of your health. This course introduces the fundamentals of anatomy & physiology. Gain access to continuous support, partner with a lifestyle coach and learn strategies that counteract setbacks, decrease hospital stays and emergency room visits.

Diabetes Self


Don't know where to begin. Let us help you with our 7-step meal planning course. Learn how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle. In seven easy steps, Learn how to create balanced meals. 



Become A Lifestyle Coach

Remodeling Lifestyle is a 7-week course where you will learn the skills needed to coach effectively. Learn techniques on how to motivate clients to reach transitional status.

Lifestyle Coach Training

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Natural Remedies

In this course, you will learn the benefits of using simple natural remedies: Poultices: When to use and What conditions, as well as, contraindications (what situations not to use or in combination with other remedies)

Health Laws

Reading Food


Title: The Biggest Lie Ever Told

"What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You"

Explore the laws of health through a different lens. Learn the dynamics of what is transpiring at the cellular level when the laws are broken and what preventive measures can be adopted.


This is an excellent course for those who want to learn how to manage their caloric intake, and compute carbohydrate intake for diabetes self management

Cardiac Rehab


Learn what nutritious foods are available for the Cardiac Rehab Diet. Study the benefits of eating heart-healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

B12 Supplement

or Not?

In this course, you will learn how the body produces B12 and the physiologic uptake mechanisms of B12. Learn what lifestyle choices could impede the absorption of B12.



The most frequently asked question: Where do I get my protein if I am not eating animal products? Learn about plant-based protein and how to incorporate food combinations to ensure intake of complete protein.